Debunking the AI myths: A future filled with potential, not peril

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become ubiquitous, permeating everything from our daily news feeds to science fiction blockbusters. But with this growing presence comes a wave of misconceptions. Scary headlines and dystopian visions often overshadow the very real and positive impact AI is already having.

Myth #1: AI will doom humanity

The dramatization of AI as humanity’s endgame pervades media narratives. In contrast to this bleak portrayal, AI is a tool wielded by humans to solve complex problems more efficiently. A prime example is the use of AI in healthcare, such as the UK’s NHS’s deployment of an AI system named Mia, which has demonstrated a remarkable capability to identify minuscule cancerous cells that are often missed by human eyes. This is not the onset of an apocalypse but a lifeline to countless patients.


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