The best dash cam 2024: top car cameras for every budget

We’re often asked about the best dash cams, but the reality is this: there’s no dash cam that’s right for every driver and vehicle. Sure, there are some things that every good dash cam should do well, like recording sharp video of the road ahead. But the relevance of other features will come down to your individual needs and budget. That’s why we’ve tested a wide variety of dash cams, from entry-level models to premium recording systems.

Based on our in-depth reviews, we think the top choice for most people right now is the Nextbase iQ. It’s one of the smartest dash cams we’ve tested, with a full suite of assistance and security features – and more on the way through firmware updates. That said, it’s also one of the most expensive dash cams in our list, so there’s a good chance you might prefer a different option.


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